• Changeable house


    Summer workshop




    June 2006
    The project will be developed revolves around the anticipation of a new settlement residential on the Venetian mainland, overlooking the lagoon and thought of as sustainable neighborhood. The intent is to give rise to an urban fabric that integrates with built-up areas and open spaces that guests different activities, different types buildings, other public areas and different ways of moving. The presence of landscapes water is taken as the peculiarities of the place suggesting guidelines design of the new settlement, where the water enters residential spaces just as the specific quality of the new forms. Experimentation environment is accompanied the idea of ​​building a settlement that both experimental and also in terms space, materials and details in order to define a contemporary architectural language quality. They were planned and mixed-use types within a structure settlement is highly integrated to the design of a linear park, obtained by naturalization channel onto which the houses. The repetition of settlement of different types of residences, associated with a possible architectural variation, may give rise to a complex and ever-changing urban landscape. The plant settlement takes into account both the need for a varied housing and the possibility that these could change over time, to changing housing needs and work of the inhabitants. Each house has the opportunity to grow as your needs change of the inhabitants. There is a growing family, the household splits, there is a senior in home, work at home ... I have several reasons why they change over time mode housing. The house can be transformed with the transformation of the lives of its inhabitants. The procedures imagine for the construction of new residential take into account all these different factors, not least the one linked to choice of dwelling house.