• young city


    Urban planning to recycling brownfields




    September 2008
    Economic development, redevelopment and landscape dynamics are the prerogatives of the intervention that affects the area of army barrackas. The draft is along the main axis that the link station to the buildings that will house the showrooms. Within this park, land spaces are a park and ride connected to the network of bike paths in the city, a hostel, restaurants, commercial spaces. Considerable attention has been paid to the design of the exhibition spaces, not recovery building envelope pre-existing, which is subjected to operations formal discharge or addition that is. The introduction of a new space to be placed to the showrooms, was dictated by needed to have an entrance that could host one reception area for the expo area. The project was immediately lowered into the design of the park urban and green spaces, so this issue has been addressed in so that right place to each function or activity space. Green not fulfilled the mere aesthetic function or filling. In front of the showrooms is located a sequence of themed gardens moved by slight irregularities. The central area of relevance hospital is protected by a "bank" with a path share. On the west side of the park is developed, which differs the railway network through a thicket.