AGRITECH - Agricultural Technology Park


    Venice - San Giuliano


    June 2007
    Exceeding the limits of the figurative tradition of modernity strong compositional and typological constitutes a new experimental approach, able to accept the challenges of the contemporary world and to introduce an experiential dimension of places. The research project involves the construction of environmental systems, consisting of objects or devices that interact at various scales, reproduce and make reaching a horizontal dimension of territorial development. A model of urbanization faint and diffuse, low functional definition, which allows to generate organisms reversible and incremental, can offer important elements of innovation. A new form of territory in which technology and nature co-exist in a dialectic of reciprocity where, in addition to the traditional functions of agriculture, understood in its dimension of industrial production, there are elements of high technology resulting from more advanced forms of contemporary art. Natural parks, which graphically reshape the landscape by introducing effective system elements derived from the design; science and technology parks, which contain highly specialized functions of business support and development of the local area; parks, leisure, music, sport, capable of responding to the needs of aggregation of contemporary society and to promote policies of unprecedented development and territorial government. The general picture is that of a renewed arcadia from aesthetic and technological content.