April 2011
    I firmly believe that the period of stage at a technical study or body is an important milestone for the completion of the training program of the student. Working in a team, set goals, answer questions and comply with the terms focus become the new powers to carry out a non-teaching but rich in knowledge and learning. In some cases, this experience will test their skills and knowledges in the other hand, helps to highlight their own weaknesses, but with the sole purpose of showing all aspects of our "work". Back to me quickly picked up a few phrases from an essay by Carlo Scarpa, "the job of the architect is perhaps the most complex and spectacular, you can find in a living room to quibble about poetic about lights and shadows with famous people and maybe five minutes before on site, is trying to solve pragmatic issues. "The full expression of this activity is rooted in relationships between people and therefore different knowledge; I believe that the first lesson ever, this formative stage, it is not only the prerogative of interpersonal relationships as such, but rather as being in a particular "place". The second aspect, but not least, is the opportunity to build on work experience during the course of university studies, what did you pre-configure how the world of work. I tried an architectural firm that in some way to marry the philosophy of sustainable, long-sought and studied in academia and the experience of building spaces for human beings. Industry Project, through projects and ideas seeking to make a difference in the architectural sector. It was not hard to empathize with a team of professionals and reach some goals of small size but also fundamental for our internships. In the following pages I will try to explain the questions, goals and solutions that you are coming for the realization of projects and themes. The first step needed to know the company has been to analyze and break down the "company profile", a small brochure that captures the essence and prestige projects of the company, the conclusion provided for a re-reading of the contents in a version printable office also.